I heard you wanna give up. Is that true?

Nawwww, I’m just playin’ with you guys. See, I’m here to tell you not to give up.

I want to motivate you in this video. When those bad thoughts creep into your mind, you wanna be like:

Bitch! I’m not gonna give up. Fuck you!

Every single time those thoughts creep up like that, you got to say that every time man. Even if you have to like mentally, consciously say it!

So, you know what you got to keep fighting man and you will take punches. You will take punches and it will knock you down like Sylvester Stallone says, you know, and it will beat you to your knees.

And boy, you won’t be gettin’ up! So the only way to fight it back and punch right in the fucking face is don’t give up. Keep takin’, takin’ those punches man!

So guys remember, do not give up! You know and the only way you keep that up is by doin’ work.

You know the one plus one part of the equation equals two is work. So, never give up is one plus one which is work equals never give up!

That’s pretty simple guys! That’s all you gotta follow! That’s the equation to success! Never give up plus work.

I don’t know how simpler it can get. So guys remember, I want you to never give up. Think about that equation, alright, you know, and then I want to see you succeed!

So guys, never give up because I said so!


Here is the video version of this post: