Just about now summer should be knocking on your door. Obviously, summer is a very warm season that comes along with a beach season as well. In the summertime, the weather calls for lighter clothing and you’re eager to wear this kind of clothing outside. You being in shape or being lean are both fitting for this kind of weather.


Eating properly is a guaranteed must for losing all numbered amounts of fat. Whether you’re losing the last points in the percentage scale or the last twenty pounds of fat, planning meals and the food you eat will accelerate your results.

Supplements – the word plays along with nutrition many a time. Supplements give the edge to anyone willing to work very hard for their results. Losing fat away from your body calls for the right supplements. Not just any kind of supplements. Remember, much hype exists on the supplement market and don’t get too carried away with extravagant claims.

This article will list and explain the top supplements that work and ones you should be taking right before summer rolls into full effect.

Trust me you will lose fat with the use of these effective top five supplements.


Large Amounts of Whey Protein

The first step is a realization that protein is king when it comes to losing fat and becoming leaner. Keep this in mind when researching for your fat loss plan; protein will become the Macro that you will be eating the most.

The supplemental (broken down) form of protein can be found in the form of whey, casein, isolate, and mixed. In this article and for the sake of losing the most fat, whey protein is the kind you should be buying and using extensively for fat loss.

Fat Loss Truth #3 in this article from bodybuilding.com helps further assist me in proving my point about high protein intake during fat loss season.

The best time to make a whey protein shake is between your main meals of the day. A shake as your snack might help cover your necessary intake of daily protein. For favorable results, drink whey protein at every meal you have. Calculate your required amount of protein per day and use whey protein to assist you in adding up the grams of protein.

Remember. Protein is king!


Caffeine for a Faster Metabolism

Intake of caffeine at the right dosage amount around your meals can help boost your metabolism. In other words, take a form of caffeine between your meals and you will lose more fat.

Caffeine today is also available in capsule form if you don’t know how to properly take it for fat loss. Also if you like to drink black coffee, you won’t have a problem getting in the right amount of caffeine for your day. Stay away from those lattes and fattening coffee drinks! Most likely you won’t have the time to make coffee, five or six times a day. Capsules definitely come in handy. Caffeine capsules are available here on Bodybuilding.com.

The appropriate amount of caffeine you should be daily consuming is all up to you. All I can do for you is give you a positive push; that’s all. An excellent start to begin with is consuming 150 to 200 mg of caffeine, four to five times a day including your pre-workout drink. Caffeine helps stimulate your fat-burning metabolism to higher levels.

It also helps keep it running high throughout the day. For greater fat loss results, caffeine is the next supplement you should be incorporating into your fat loss plan.

Bodybuilding.com’s article will provide more info on the topic of Caffeine and its benefits to fat loss.


Fish Oils – Healthy Fatty Acids

I suggest you incorporate a good 6 grams of fish oils a day. Again, it all depends on what your preference is or what your body best responds to. Remember, I’m just suggesting here some guidelines that might help you get started in the right direction in your fat loss journey and research.

Fish oil is mostly consumed in capsule form (most popular). The best times that work for me in taking my fish oils is taking them throughout my morning.

In addition to that, I always make sure I add a dosage amount of fish oils into my post-workout meal. Fish oils help add more recovery agents into the rebuilding process of my broken-down body (muscle tissue). Fish oil contains important components that will aid in more fat loss. These powerful components are called Omega-3s.

Omega-3s are fatty acids that contain two chemicals called DHA and EPA. Don’t become confused here! Fatty acids does not equal to bad fat even though the word “fat” is involved. There is a large difference between the two. One helps you lose fat while the other helps you gain it!



CLA should be taken in conjunction with your fish oils. I personally take about the same amount of CLA as I do fish oils. If you decide to take CLA for cutting, take a minimum of 3-6 grams per day. Preferably again, take CLA at the time you take your fish oils. If you feel like you’re taking in too many capsules at once, take each one of them separately at different times of the day.

CLA stands for “Conjugated Linoleic Acid”. According to bodybuilding.com and various researches, CLA contains positive benefits such as increasing metabolism, enhancing muscle growth, lowering cholesterol, and helping improve immune levels.

These positive benefits come in handy when you’re trying to lose fat for the summer.



Yohimbe isn’t exactly a supplement but it has become a powerful component of my own fat loss plan. Today, Yohimbe is found in the bark of a West African tree. Personally, I take about 5 grams of Yohimbe a day along with my other two supplements, fish oil and CLA.

Many debates on Yohimbe’s effectiveness have been created by both sides. Whether it’s effective for fat lose or not, I recommend you do your own research and come to your own conclusions about it based on your research.

I find it helps me lose a “tiny” extra amount of fat during the week. Yohimbe is something I’m continuing to do more research on and continuing to use in my fat loss endeavors.



The Final “Six Step” Recap of the Top 5 Supplements for Fat Loss

1. Protein is king. Always make sure your intake of Protein is high during the cutting season. Whey protein is your assistant in adding more grams to your daily protein.

2. Caffeine is proven to boost your metabolism. Whether you take it in capsule form or through black coffee, it is important to dose with the necessary amount of caffeine per day.

3. Fish oil contains powerful “fat-burning” properties that will assist you in losing fat. Fish oil is essential for a healthy life whether you lose fat or build muscle.

4. CLA helps regulate your intake of fat and helps control your absorption of it. CLA should be taken in conjunction with fish oil.

5. Yohimbe is a hot topic today in the fitness world. Test it out for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

6. Visit my site, samuelpustea.com, to follow my bodybuilding journey step by step and receive first-hand experience each step of the way. Each week you will learn more and more about how to build your dream body through samuelpustea.com.